Hate Man: street philosopher



One thing I always lauded Hate Man for. You certainly couldn’t call him an “ivory tower philosopher.” Like so many of the other people in his field. Hate always tested out all of his theories in the real world. And on the very harsh and volatile world of the streets, at that.

In the last months of Hate’s life, he got punched on the head and knocked to the ground multiple times by this crazy, violent street lunatic (the lunatic, in the midst of his meth psychosis, was convinced that Hate was “messing with his mind” on the psychic level). But Hate never backed down. He still continued to relate to, and “work with,” the person, so long as the person was willing to push shoulders and make demands. He would even do favors for the guy. Hate epitomized “talking-the-talk-and-walking-the-walk.”

Hate’s system wasn’t just an intellectual exercise. He felt it had to work on the practical level if it was going to be useful for other people and for society in general.

And I always felt some (though certainly not all) of Hate Man’s practices had real benefit. And I would see, over the years, many real people benefiting FROM it.

One of Hate’s cherished hopes was that his work would live on, and become accepted by society in general in different ways. And, on some levels, it probably will. What with all the conflicts in this world, we can always use a new spin on “conflict resolutions.”




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