Acid Heroes

May 27, 2017


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One of the things I truly loved about Hate Man was his sense of playfulness.

For many years he would dump out big buckets full of sticks and buckets and metal objects And we’d all gather in a circle for a drum circle. And just bash away. To make a hellacious racket. For the pure fun of it. Just like a bunch of kids playing in a sandbox. I cherish that.

Hate Man had a sense of gamesmanship. Even when he was going to court and dealing with heavy legal issues. He always looked at it as a chess match. A game.

Hate Man had his serious side for sure. ‘It’s a battle! It’s a war! All that is other than me is out to DESTROY me!!!”

But he didn’t have a grim, battle-to-the-death outlook. He always respected all of his opponents and enemies and nemesis. Like sports. They were the other team that he competed against. Never took it personally. Looked at life as a game and a riddle to try and figure out.










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