Sage advice




I had one last night. One of my Facebook friends was going through some serious anguish. So I wrote to her what I hoped would be some inspirational and up-lifting words. Or at least help her get through those Dark-Nights-of-the-Soul nights that we all go through.

Later she wrote me back and said that what I had written had fucked her up even worse than she already was.


It reminded me of this one time. This guy I knew — this very shy and unassertive fellow — wanted to ask this chick out on a date. But he didn’t have the courage.

“Do it!” I said.

“I dunno,” he said.

“Do it,” I said. “Whattaya got to lose?”

“OK Ace I’m gonna do it.”

So I ran into him later and I asked him how it went.

‘I took your advice Ace and asked her out on a date and she agreed.”

“All right!” I said.

“And after the date we went back to my place and got it on.”

“There you go!!’

“And I ended up with a sexually transmitted disease.”


I probably really shouldn’t give people advice or try to uplift them.



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