Hate Man nostalgia: “Hate Man gets crunched”


On this date last year, June 3, 2016: The city just grabbed Hate Man’s recycling bin where he stores some of his stuff and threw it out. So he’s stunned at this moment. Taking the hit. His jug of fresh brewed coffee and 12 pounds of sugar (Hate Man has a sweet tooth, that 12 pounds probably lasted him a week, ha ha) and some of his journals were in there. Two jackets and a blanket. Among other stuff. So its a loss. . . . . But Hate Man was philosophical. “Its like what Edgar Cayce used to say. ‘Everything is appropriate.'” . . . . . Speaking of sugar,  Hate Man once asked me to buy him a cup of coffee at Peat’s. “Get the coffee black. And then fill this other cup half-way full with sugar from the condiments table.” “Why do you want all that sugar?” I asked. “That’s how much sugar I put in my coffee,” Hate said.



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