For 15 years I cranked out one of these sex comics every month for various porn papers.  Sexley’s BELIEVE IT OR NUTS!!  After about 10 years I had exhausted virtually everything I had to say on the subject of sex.  But I had to keep cranking them out every monthanyways, because I needed the money. So it became a real chore.  I’d put it off until the very last minute before deadline, wracking my brain for something, anything — any kind of a scrap of an idea — that I could turn into a passable piece of commercial art. I’d be up all night, the night before the porn paper went to the printer, drinking endless cups of coffee and hacking away at the old drawing board. Finally, just as the sun was starting to come up in the morning, I’d have a finished piece of art. Or at least a finished piece of porn. Something on a piece of paper that somebody else would pay me a hundred bucks for.

It was too late to mail it in. So I’d have to get on the first BART train and hand-deliver it to the office of the porn paper in San Francisco.  They had the entire rest of the paper all laid out, and then were just waiting for me and my goddamn comic strip (my comic strip was the best thing in the damn paper — which wasn’t saying much — so they were always willing to wait for me).

Then in 1994 I got the word from the lawyers at Ripley’s BELIEVE IT OR NOT! that I had better cease and desist from infringing on their copyrighted trademark our else they’d sue my pornographic ass. So I had to quit doing it.  I was actually grateful to Ripley’s for putting it out of it’s misery.



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