Life is a movie. Or at least a radio show



I don’t know if you guys do this. But sometimes I’ll be walking down the street and I’ll suddenly feel like my life is a movie. And one movie is now ending. One period of my life has come to its conclusion.

Then I’ll feel like a new movie — the next chapter in my life — is now beginning.

And I’ll actually hear the theme music playing in my head. As one movie ends (as they roll the credits). As I walk into the sunset. And then another movie begins (with a big title splashed across the screen: “Tune in to yet another heart-warming installment of AS THE ACE BACKWORDS TURNS!!”). As I embark on my next adventure.

It’s probably just bullshit. But it makes my life seem temporarily meaningful.

The other odd thing I do. It’s like I’m constantly broadcasting in my head like a radio play-by-play announcer broadcasting a radio show.

“And there’s Ace Backwords walking down the street! He’s thinking of going to Subways for a sandwich. But wait! That annoying guy who Ace is always trying to avoid is straight ahead. Ace suddenly darts across the middle of the street and narrowly avoids contact with the guy!! That was a close call. And now a word from our sponsors. . . ”

What the hell.  At least I manage to amuse myself sometimes.


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