The serial doser





They arrested this crazy street woman in People’s Park the other day for dosing a toddler with meth. She snuck up to the 2-year-old and stuck the meth in his mouth. When the nanny saw that, she immediately called the police and they rushed the kid to the hospital where they found the meth in his system. They arrested the woman and charged her with attempted homicide.

That woman is a public menace. She’s been on the Berkeley street scene, off and on, for years. And she has a history of dosing people.

One night last year I was hanging out with Hate Man at his campsite. Suddenly Hate Man started slurring his words and then slumped over, passed out. I tried to revive him, to no avail. I thought he was dying on me. So I called 911 in a panic, and they rushed him to the hospital . . . It turned out they found a bunch of drugs in his system. That woman, who had been camping right next to Hate, had slipped a mickey into his coffee when he wasn’t looking. She’s totally nuts. Dosing an 80-year-old man with drugs powerful enough to knock him out. She could have killed him.


The woman was right out of central casting for the role of lunatic. She had the crazy eyes and the loon laughter. She’d often sit at her campsite loudly babbling to herself.  These sudden bursts of incoherent madness.  She might start shouting in rage, or laughing like a loon, or crying like a little baby. And she’d be constantly emoting, like she was an actress putting on some kind of insane performance in her head. Or a deranged opera singer. Mama mia! She was one of those people I always kept an eye on out of the corner of my eye.  And made sure there were no sharp objects available (she once stabbed a cop who was trying to arrest her).

She was a heavy-set gal.  And she often wore skimpy outfits that showed off her ample flesh. She’d sometimes prance around in this coquette-ish manner that I suppose was designed to be alluring. But I don’t know too many people who were allured.

God only knows how many people she pulled her little dosing trick on before they finally caught her.  I’m glad they’re charging her with attempted homicide.  Hopefully we won’t be seeing her face on the scene for a long time to come.

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One thought on “The serial doser

  1. Wonder if the trauma compromised him physically and hastened his passing. This is awful. This woman is a menace and should be under locked psychiatric care.

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