“He should be taken out back and SHOT!”


“He should be taken out back and SHOT!”

This friend of mine, back in the 1960s his father used to work in Hollywood on different famous TV shows. If you’re my age, you’ve probably watched his work. I don’t think he was ever the main guy. But he was like the assistant director. And managed to make a decent living and provide for his family.

But my friend said that in his later years, his father got increasingly bitter and sour. He said his father would sit in front of the TV set every evening drinking his martinis. And as he got increasingly drunk, he’d get increasingly bitter. And whenever anything flashed across the TV screen that pissed him off — which was often — he would shout out his catch phrase:

“He should be taken out back and SHOT!!”

Ha ha.

I wish I had known the guy. We probably had a lot in common and would have enjoyed drinking together.




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