The summer of feral cats

Mini Scaredy, ruling over all she surveys.



This life can be so unpredictable.  Awhile ago I had 7 feral cats at my campsite, including 2 pregnant Moms about to pop out litters.  So it looked like the feral cat population was on the verge of exploding out of control.  Instead, it went the opposite direction. And I now basically have just 2 cats at my campsite.  Mini Owl and Mini Scaredy.

Owl, the stud of the block, disappeared about 2 months, and is likely gone for good. Feral Tammy got run off by Mini Scaredy, and she’s rarely around anymore.  And  Moo Cat and Fatty got run off by Mini Scaredy, too. They exist on the fringe of my campsite, and only show up 3 or 4 days a week. And Scaredy Cat, when she shows up, quickly bolts down her food and then immediately returns to her nest, and, presumably, her litter of kittens. But that’s a mystery, because the kittens should be at least 3 months old by now, and should have made their way to the cat food dish at my campsite a long time ago. But still no sign of them.

And it’s a mystery what happened to Mini Scaredy’s litter, too.  She was definitely pregnant for awhile. Then she wasn’t pregnant. And for a month she had the teething nipples. But those are gone now, too. And Mini Scaredy spends all day and night at my campsite, so she’s definitely not watching over a litter of kittens anymore. But who knows what happened to them; whether they died young, or got taken out by a predator, or simply wandered off.

“That big bully Mini Scaredy better not be sneaking up behind me again!”





It’s getting harder and harder to feed Moo Cat and Fatty. I had been feeding them down by the creek.  But Mini Scaredy has such a vendetta against both of them, that she’ll come all the way down there and run them off there, too.  So I have to stand guard while they’re eating, and shoo off Mini Scaredy when she starts circling around her prey.

It’s pretty sad watching Fatty wandering around alone, on the outskirts of my campsite. There’s something tragic about her.  She’s like an exiled princess, wandering in the wilderness.  And she’s such a sweet and mild-mannered cat, it hardly seems fair.  I’ll remember the good old days when she and Scaredy Cat were inseparable companions, and she occupied an honored place at the center of my campsite. Oh well. That’s feral cats for you.  I mostly stay out of their intra-cat society rules and by-laws. That’s their business and their world.

Still Moo Cat after all these years.




It still surprises me that Mini Scaredy emerged as the alpha Queen of the tribe.  She was the most timid of kittens. And she’s still the smallest of the cats. But somehow she manages to dominate the other cats. Even the ornery, and road-tested Feral Tammy.

On the other hand, Mini Owl remains the complete goofball. He’s still like a little boy who just wants to romp around and play all day. Him and Mini Scaredy are still remain best of friends, sleeping nestled together every night, and playing together during the day.

And that’s your feral cat update for the summer of 2017.

Nature’s goofball, Mini Owl.


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