Fatty vs. Mini Scaredy, Round 47


Fatty the feral cat.



I slept down by the creek last night. Mostly because I wanted to make sure Fatty got some food. She’s been banished from my campsite (Mini Scaredy runs her out every time she shows up). So I camped in Fatty’s neck of the woods in the hopes of getting her some food.

Sure enough, first thing in the morning Fatty comes running down the hill to where I’m camping. I had a big bag of chicken and other treats for her. Which she gobbled up happily.

But then, right on cue, Mini Scaredy — the alpha female of the tribe of feral cats — shows up. She immediately charges at Fatty with murder in her eyes. Fatty turns and runs for her life. Just barely manages to elude Mini Scaredy by running up a tree. Mini Scaredy follows her half way up the tree. But that’s usually how the feral cat fights end. Once they’re up a tree there’s nothing they can do. Because if they try to take a swipe at the other cat with their claw, they fall out of the tree (they need all of their claws to hold onto the tree). So at least the fights usually end non-violently.





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