VICTORY IS MINE!! Everyone who knows me knows I’m famous for hating waiting on lines (I have the patience of a flea). So I was just at the Dollar Tree. And there’s a pretty long line, like usual. This elderly Asian lady is at the end of the line. So I take my place alongside her. I did that because that’s how the line usually works at Dollar Tree. The line veers right at that point, because if I had taken the spot directly behind her I would be blocking the flow of traffic in the main aisle.

So then this woman with a kid shows up. She ignores me and takes the spot directly behind the Asian woman.

When the Asian woman steps up towards the counter I immediately step up behind her.

“EXCUSE me!” said the woman with the kid. “I’m waiting on line here.”

“I was in line before you,” I said.

“No you weren’t. My kid was here,” she lied.

“Oh. . . OK,” I said. And I move behind her. I’m pissed. But what can you do? Make a big ugly scene over something trivial? (I momentarily considered that option but then thought better of it).

But then as luck would have it, a Dollar Tree employee calls out: “This other cash register is now open!”

I whisk to the head of that line, pay for my groceries, and as I prance towards the exit I can’t help glancing over at the woman with the kid. She’s still waiting on line with 2 people ahead of her. I give her a happy little smile. She glares back at me like she wants to kill me. And I exit stage left.

And, for once, justice prevails.



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