Mini Owl the feral cat


Mini Owl is such a goofball. This is his favorite thing to do in the whole world. Roll around on his back on my cardboard. Ha ha.

Every morning when I pack up the blankets at my campsite, wherever Mini Owl is, he’ll come running. And start rolling around on his back on the cardboard. And he likes me to slide him around in circles. And he’ll start flipping over, back and forth, until he slides down the hill and off the cardboard. Then he’ll do it all over again. He’d do it all day long if I let him. Ha ha.

And I keep thinking: How can a creature get so much enjoyment from a simple piece of cardboard??


One of the interesting things about all the feral cats who have shown up at my campsite over the years. Each one of them had a distinctive, unique personality. Mini Owl’s primary personality trait is that he’s extremely playful. He’s over a year old, but he’s still like a big kitten. He just wants to goof around and have fun all day long.





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