There’s no business like shoe business



I’ve got these weird compartments in my brain that are kind of a mystery to me. Like this one. I’ve been wearing these shoes for the last year. But last month they finally wore out. They got big holes in the soles. So all the socks I was wearing ended up with big holes. So last month I finally broke down and bought a new pair of shoes.

But here’s the weird part. It’s been a month now but I still haven’t thrown them out. For some unknown reason I still have them stashed with my stuff.

It makes no sense because they’re completely useless. I know I’ll never wear them again. But I can’t throw them out. The only thing I can figure is that it’s some kind of sentimental thing. Those shoes have been a part of me for a year. With me every step of the way. A faithful companion. So I guess it’s like throwing out a part of myself.

The human brain has all sorts of secret compartments I guess.





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