Mini Owl and Mini Scaredy

Mini Owl and Mini Scaredy are best of friends and inseparable companions. They spend a lot of time licking and grooming each other.


I don’t know if this had anything to do with the solar eclipse. But this morning after I packed up my campsite, both Mini Owl and Mini Scaredy followed me all the way down the trail and to the road. Something they’d never done before. Watched me as I walked off.
This is something feral cats do about 10 times a minute: “HEY WHAT WAS THAT SOUND OVER THERE??!! . . . Oh. It was just a leaf falling to the ground.”
While his sister Mini Scaredy has a pretty serious demeanor, Mini Owl just wants to play and goof off all day long.


Mini Scaredy was extremely timid for the first 6 months of her life. It took her a long time to accept me and feel comfortable around me. So i was surprised when she turned out to be the fiercest of the feral cats, and the undisputed alpha female of the tribe.
They’re about a year-and-three-months-old at this point. That in between stage from kitten to full-grown adult.





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