Stranger Together!!



I get a kick out of Hillary’s shtick while she’s promoting her new book WHA’ HAPPENED??:

“I take full responsibility for my loss in the election.  It was my fault for not realizing the voters were so stupid that they’d reject the substantive policies I was offering in favor of a reality TV show. . .  And I blame myself for not realizing how many of the voters were racists . . . And I take full responsibility for that bastard Bernie Sanders and his constant criticisms of me which ruined my chances of winning over the progressives. . . And it was my fault that that bastard Comey kept falsely investigating me over my alleged wrong-doings. . .  And I blame myself for the Russians colluding with the GOP and throwing the election to Trump . . . And I take full responsibility for the creep Trump who actually campaigned against me instead of just letting me be appointed president which is how it should have been . . .  And it was my fault for being a woman — if I had been a MAN I would have won for sure!!”




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