Twisted Image: starring Billy Guzzo and Betty Botty


One of the weakness of my comic strip was that I was never able to come up with strong cartoon characters.  In part because I was more interesting in exploring concepts and ideas than characters. But also because I got bored drawing the same characters over and over. But the bottom line was  that I couldn’t come up with characters that consistently inspired punch lines.

Billy Guzzo and Betty Botty were the only two characters that appeared semi-consistently throughout the 9-year run that I did a daily comic strip.  Billy Guzzo was sort of a 19-year-old Charlie Brown “loser” type of character, forever trapped in that realm between adoloscence and adulthood. And Betty Botty was his love interest, loosely based on my friend Mary Mayhem.

Near the end of my run as a cartoonist, I actually devoted three months to working on a long Billy and Betty story, to see if I could develop the characters. But it never really developed.  At any rate, this is a short excerpt from that series.















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