Cats are so smart

Scaredy Cat


Cats are so smart.

The last couple nights I’ve been camping in a different part of the Berkeley hills. Last night, one of my feral cats, Scaredy Cat (one of the smartest of the bunch) managed to track me down. She wakes me up in the middle of the night meowing over and over. She’s calling out to me. She’s pretty sure it’s me. But she’s not completely sure. Because I’m some lump sleeping in the darkness in an unfamiliar spot. So she’s afraid to approach me. And her meowing is sort of saying “IS THAT YOU? IS THAT YOU?”

I call out to her with some of my usual catch phrases. “You big fat cat!” and “Come and get your food!”

She finally realizes it is me. Comes over. Climbs on top of my chest. Purring loudly. It’s a surreal scene. Her face is sillouetted in the moonlight as she presses her face up to mine.

I get out my backpack and feed her a leftover turkey and cheese sandwich and a slice of sausage pizza. And she sleeps along side me all night long.

Cats study us, and our behavior. And figure out ways to adapt along side us. They’re pretty smart.



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