Charles M. Schulz



I don’t know why. But for some reason I was just thinking about the interview I did with Charles Schulz in 1983. The Peanuts guy.

He invited me up to his studio in Santa Rosa to interview him. I guess I’m just wondering why he would invite a nut like me up to his scene. I was 28 years old at the time. And sort of a hippie punk countercultural underground artist weirdo. And Schulz was Mr Mainstream All-America. Hostess Twinkies and Hallmark Greeting cards and “Good grief Charlie Brown” and “Happiness is a warm puppy.”

So it was an odd meeting of the minds.

I guess he was just bored. And maybe he thought it was a worthwhile way to waste couple of hours with this nut Ace Backwords.

I interviewed him in his studio where he drew his Peanuts comic strip. There was a half–finished Peanuts comic strip on his drawing board. Which was mind-boggling to me. I had grown up as a little kid reading Peanuts. And now I was at the epicenter — the eye of the hurricane — where they were actually created.

We talked back and forth for two or three hours. I was so nervous when I got to the end of my cassette tape that I was interviewing him with — my $30 Sony cassette recorder — I accidentally flipped the cassette over a third time and recorded over 30 minutes of the tape
Completely erased 30 minutes of our immortal conversation (always regret that).

I remember at one point Schulz said he was disappointed with most interviewers. They mostly asked dull questions. I could tell it was a backhanded compliment. I could tell he was enjoying talking with me.
I guess that’s why he talked for 2 or  3 hours.

For me it was like talking to somebody who was my father. Even though we weren’t related. It was like talking to somebody who was my father.


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