Women and Men



This one friend of mine — who was a really hot chick back in the day — once said something that really amused me. She said:

“When I went out on a date with some guy, I usually would have decided from the first time I saw him whether or not I was going to have sex with him.”

So, during the course of the date, she’d sort of be laughing to herself. As the guy did his big act, his big performance, to try and impress her, to try to win her over. That whole preening “cock rooster” act that guys do to impress the chicks. To convey the impression that they are very impressive male specimens that she would surely want to have sex with.

And she’d be laughing to herself. Because the whole big act, the whole exercise, was futile. Because she had already decided a long time ago. Ha ha.

So that taught me something crucial about the female psyche.

So then for awhile I was hanging out with this other hot chick. And in the course of our friendship she said:

“The thing I like about you, Ace, is that you’re not like all the other guys. You don’t try to impress.”

And I said:

“Yes, but that’s just my act. I try to impress by trying not to impress. And see? You were impressed by it.”

Ha ha.

No one ever said the mating dance between men and women was a simple thing, that’s for sure.



3 thoughts on “Women and Men

  1. Women unconsciously & quickly classify men in two categories: lover & provider. She knows this as soon as she meets a man. She will immediately fuck the lover type, but makes the provider type work for sex via time, attention, emotional/logistical/material support. She tries to obtain as much of these as possible with as little duty/pity sex as possible.

  2. This reminds me of what a friend once told me, how his complete lack of flirtation with attractive women IS the flirtation.

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