The “secret” homeless


A professor teaching at San Jose State University who can’t afford a place to live in the South Bay tells KPIX 5 she is spending most nights sleeping in her car.

This article highlights a point that I often make: Most people have a complete misconception as to who “the Homeless” actually are.

And that’s because the only homeless that most people notice are the OBVIOUS homeless. The street wingnuts. The panhandlers. The ones pushing shopping carts or wearing frame backpacks.

But these obvious types make up a small percentage of the actual homeless population.

Take myself for example. I’ve been homeless for the last 10 years. But I could walk right by you and you’d never know I was homeless. How would you know? Even other homeless people can’t tell I’m homeless. I regularly get panhandled by the homeless when I walk down Telegraph. When I tell them that “I’m on the streets, too” they usually apologize (it’s considered bad form to bum off of another bum).

So consider that the next time you assume you know who “the Homeless” are. You most likely have a VERY limited understanding of the subject.

There are zillions of “secret homeless” (as I call them) who you would never recognize in a million years.

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