One step ahead of the competition


I was just walking down the alley to get a delicious ham’n’swiss sandwich at CHEESE ‘N’ STUFF. And i was about 20 feet from the front door, when I noticed 2 guys walking down the alley coming from the opposite direction. And they were about 20 feet from the front door, too.

And I just had a hunch that they were also headed towards CHEESE ‘N’ STUFF. And as it was, we were both timed to reach the front door at the exact same time.

So I put a little extra bounce in my step. And I made it into the door a half-step ahead of them. Sure enough, they were also headed into the store. As I ordered my sandwich I could feel their presence behind me, glaring at the back of my head as they waited on line. I’m sure they wanted to kill me.

Now technically I hadn’t cut in line ahead of them. But I had made an extra effort to beat them to the spot. And if some bum had pulled that shit on me, I would have wanted to kill them, too. Ha ha.

Too bad. To the victor goes the spoils!!



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