Mating rituals of the modern feral cat

The one and only Mini Scaredy.

The other night these cats, off in the distance, were howling and shrieking all night long at the top of their lungs. I had never heard anything like it. You probably could hear them from a mile away. At first I thought somebody was torturing a cat to death. But then I figured it was more likely you-know-what.

Then they were at again last night, howling and shrieking for hours, right up until the morning light. . . And then Mini Scaredy came galloping up the trail at top speed towards my campsite. I figured she was just coming for her breakfast. But then I noticed two gray toms, right behind her, chasing after her in a line — one of them big and burly, the other a bit smaller.

Mini Scaredy ran past the food dish, ran past me, and then sort of hid behind me. The two toms skidded to a stop about 10 yards from me. They weren’t bold enough to get any closer to me, even as obviously they wanted to get at Mini Scaredy. So they both darted off into the bushes, no doubt to sneak around my flank so they could get at Mini Scaredy from the other direction.

Mini Scaredy trotted to the food dish and started gobbling down her breakfast. That was pretty crafty of her to use me as a human shield, so she could briefly ditch her suitors and gobble down a quick breakfast before she continued her tryst.

After eating she sauntered over to me, purring loudly, and started clawing back and forth on the legs of my bluejeans as a show of affection. She’s obviously enjoying herself. Course, she’s not the one that’s going to have to come up with the child support payments 4 months from now.

I’m kind of feeling overwhelmed by the whole situation. But I guess I’m going to have to deal with it at some point.


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