Ace goes underwear shopping



Today I had to buy some underwear (I’m sure you’ve been wondering about that).

So I go to the clothes store. But all the underwear was WAY too expensive for my blood. Except for the packages of Fruit of the Loom, but only in the Xlarge size. 7 underwears for $10.99. And according to my math that comes out to . . . something or other . . . a good deal of a dollar and change per pair. And I’m told that Fruit of the Loom is a reputable brand.

But I’m pretty damn sure the Xlarge size is gonna be WAY too big for me. I mean, I drink a lot of beer. But it says on the label “waist size 44-48.” And that’s big. And these damn clothes stores don’t have dressing rooms where you can try on your underwear first before you purchase them, to see if it fits. So theres no way of knowing if it’ll fit.

But I’m a cheap bastard and i can’t resist a deal. So I buy it anyway and hope for the best.

The good news is: it fits.
The bad news is: it fits.


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