One of my favorite cart-before-the-horse stories

Image result for "Nasrudin" searching under street light


One night this guy was on a street corner, searching for something under this street lamp. This other guy showed up and asked him: “What are you doing?”

The guy said: “I lost my keys. So I’m looking for them under this street lamp.”

“Where did you lose your keys?” said the other guy.

“Over there in the bushes in the darkness.”

“So how come you’re looking over here under the street lamp?”

“Because its light over here and I can see what I’m looking for ”

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  • One of my FB friends asked me: “And what is the lesson?”

    I suppose one of the lessons is: When it comes to searching for the truth, many people don’t want to travel very far from their comfort zone to find it. . .  And it’s sort of a metaphor for “thinking outside the box.”


One thought on “One of my favorite cart-before-the-horse stories

  1. Thinking outside the box requires….imagination. And the citizen soldier of today, has been stripped of any vestige of imagination – so they are prisoners of someone else’s devices without knowing it. Their minds have literally been boxed. Thank God for pills.

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