Another time when I ALMOST got completely soaked


On this date last year. True story.

I was drunk off my ass (who me?). Oblivious. Passed out at my campsite. And it starts pouring rain. I’m so out of it at this point, I’m the last to know.

Scaredy Cat (the feral cat) comes rushing up to my campsite and starts meowing loudly in my ear.

“MEOW! MEOW! MEOW!” meowed Scaredy Cat. Loudly.

Her incessant meowing managed to wake me up in the nick of time. I realized it was pouring rain. And i was lying there in my wet sleeping bag. And that I could have died from hypothermia (slight exaggeration) if Scaredy Cat hadn’t roused me from my drunken stupor.

In gratitude for saving my life I gave Scaredy Cat a bunch of delicious cat food, packed up my campsite, and got my ass to dry land. In the nick of time.

It was like an episode of Lassie the dog. Where Lassie heroically saves the day.

Except in truth. Scaredy Cat was mostly just waking me up because she was hungry and wanted to be fed before it started pouring rain on her. Ha ha. Cats.

But she DID save my ass that night. I would have gotten completely soaked if not for her.



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