A very brief and obvious point about The Homeless Situation



I’ve been closely following the homeless situation for over 40 years. Since 1976 to be exact, when I first hit the streets at age 19. And from my eyeball perspective, the homeless problem has gotten worse and worse every year. And the homeless population has grown bigger and bigger every year. With no end in sight.

None of our “solutions” have worked. They haven’t even SLOWED DOWN the problem, let alone SOLVED it. And the reason none of our “solutions” have worked is because we’ve misdiagnosed the primary underlying cause of the homeless problem. Which is:


OK? Quite simply, our population is growing at a faster rate than we can keep pace by building new housing.




Now I’m going to illustrate this point with a simple analogy from a smaller sample size:

Here in Berkeley, the college student population has grown bigger and bigger every year. For decades. Every year, the enrolling freshman class is bigger than the one from the year befoe. Unfortunately, the university hasn’t kept pace with this population growth by building new student housing. And the result has been what is now referred to as the Student Housing Shortage Crisis.

Now there are only two solutions to this problem: a.) Reduce the student population, or b.) Start building a hell of a lot of new housing, and as quickly as we possibly can.

PS: There is NO solution c.).



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