Memories are made of this



I might have told you this story:

Back in the 1970s Janis Ian had this hit song “At 17” — this maudlin ballad about how miserable she was when she was 17.  “At 17 I learned the truth.” They played it on the radio all the time back then. And I distinctly remember the many times during my senior year in high school — Class of ’74 — when I’d be driving around town with my high school buddies. And I would cringe every time that damn song came on the radio. Because I was 17, too, and having a horrible 17th year myself. And in my memory, that song was like one of the soundtracks to my senior year in high school.

So I was surprised when I looked up the song on the internet a couple years ago.  And discovered “At 17” hadn’t been released until 1975, a year after I graduated from high school.



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