The poisonous political climate these days

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I was just commenting on Facebook the other day about how poisonous the level of political discourse is these days (and the poison largely isn’t coming from ME).

And I’ll give you an example. Take the immigration issue. My position is that we should enforce our immigration laws, and I’d like our level of immigration reduced from about 1 million a year to about 800,000 a year. And this is a completely reasonable opinion. . . . . . . And somebody else may take the position that our present immigration laws are unjust and need to be changed, and that society would benefit from INCREASING the level of immigration, not reducing it. And this is also a completely reasonable opinion. And we could have a reasonable discussion on the subject.

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But instead the discourse usually devolves to: “YOU’RE A RACIST XENOPHOBIC BIGOT FASCIST HATER!!!” on the one side. And: “YOU’RE A NATION-WRECKING TRAITOROUS LIB-TARD!!” on other side.

It’s more than a little sad, in my opinion.



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