A penny for your thoughts



I tend to over-think things. I’ll give you an example.

I don’t have a belt for my pants. And I have so much change in my pocket that the weight keeps pulling my pants down. So I decide to off-load all of my pennies.

So I take all my change out of my pocket and I dump it on a ledge on a street corner, and sort out all the pennies. And it comes to about 30 cents in pennies.

But then I think: Whoever is willing to take on these pennies is doing a public service by taking on these things, which are virtually worthless and just take up space — I mean it COSTS more just to MAKE a penny than a penny is actually worth. They’re junk, basically.

And then I think: Whoever takes these pennies is probably pretty broke in the first place to even be bothering with these fucking pennies in the first place, and could probably use some more money.

So I slip in 3 dimes along with the pile a pennies. As a reward for taking the pennies. And to give him a little buzz in the morning (“Eww!! Some DIMES!! Real money!!”).

I like to obsess over the little things. It prevents me from having to think about stuff that really matters.





One thought on “A penny for your thoughts

  1. I think you have quite a creative mind. However, I also know in my mind – chaos is usually followed by order. However, as chaos – is Chaos I can’t really control it. It just passes when order is restored. That is what I see in what you described.

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