Human behavior, what a concept



Boy, today was just crappy from start to finish. You know how it is. Some days are just like that.

When I have a day like that I usually think: “Boy, my stars are off.” I don’t know much about astrology, but that’s how I look at it.

Or if I’m having a really bizarre day I’ll think: “Boy, the stars must be in a really weird alignment today.”

I believe in all that stuff. Like the full moon having an affect on us. And the vibe in the air having an affect. Even something like the “thoughts and prayers” stuff — as much as I poke fun at it — I think that does affect us. That the mental and psychic energy directed at us definitely has an affect. And conversely, somebody sending bad vibes at you with a voodoo doll or something, or putting a curse on you, also has an affect. Blessings and curses both work.

I don’t have any hard and fast theories on human behavior — what makes us tick and why are lives go down the paths they do. I tend to sweep it all under the rug with a big word like “karma.” And just accept that there are all these heavy spiritual principals that shape our destinies.

I’ve never thought of it (like some people seem to do) that my brain is like a driver behind the wheel of a car, and I’m driving my body around like a car. If anything I usually feel like a puppet, and the world, the Universe, is pulling the strings, pulling my life in all these different directions.

At the same time, it often seems like it’s my own mind that is creating my entire Reality. All the pictures are created by my own eyes and ears and senses, after all. The world is creating me, while I’m creating the world. Its a little weird when you think about it.

When I wrote my ACID HEROES book — which is sort of a memoir of the first 50 years of my life — I was struck by how my life, at every juncture, almost completely mirrored the times I was living in. Its like the cultural zeitgeist of the different decades exactly created who I was during those periods.

But mostly I find my life, and human behavior, pretty mysterious.

I certainly don’t feel much like “I’m the Captain of my Soul, the Master of my Destiny” these days. It feels more like it all just happened to me.


One thought on “Human behavior, what a concept

  1. I enjoyed this. Thank you. I notice secular humanist atheists tend to think they are the Captain of their own destiny…and..well without a belief in God…you either think you’re God by default…or engage in idolatry…Not saying we all don’t…..I mean I’ve seen nutty Christians passing out mittens believing it’s God’s work. And maybe it is. But I’m not God so I can’t discern his work properly or judge for that matter. I just watch the world beat the shit out of people each day, and just basically try to stay out of the way. I enjoyed Acid Heroes, and passed it to a friend who also enjoyed it. Cursing and Blessings are dangerous shit, as these things can be answered…And who knows what’s owed for your curses and prayers being answered?

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