The little kitties, they all love each other. Like brothers and sisters.

The only time they get huffy with each other is first thing in the morning. When I first start spooning out the cat food from the can into the dish.

When I plop out the first spoon full? They all converge on it. They’re all hungry as hell. And they all want that spoon full of meat.

So they all make this loud, groaning, angry, guttural sound. “HUHHHHHHHH!!!!” That translates into English as “MINE!! MINE!! MINE!!!”

They’re ready to fight it out to get first dibs on that spoon full of meat. Its a very competitive situation.

But as soon as I dump the rest of the can of cat food into the dish — and they realize there’s enough food to go around. They all relax. They all stop fighting. And they enjoy their breakfast.

And that’s probably basic human nature, too.




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