Things go better with Coke



This photo captures a lot of what my childhood was like. To be a little kid in the early 1960s in this little town in New Jersey in the center of the Universe.

There was a soda machine at Gasperelli’s (sp?) grocery store downtown, that sold bottles of Coke for a nickel. The machine had the built-in bottle-opener. And you’d flip the cap off — feeling very cool. And take that first big hit of ice-cold Coke out of the bottle. And the soda never tasted any better than that!

Then you’d go nextdoor to the candy store. To buy the latest Superman or Batman comicbook for 12 cents.

And if you had any of your allowance money left over you’d buy a candy bar too. For a nickel. Either a Payday or a Chunky or a Tootsie Roll.

And life was about as good as it would get.



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