Here’s to the new Mom, same as the old Mom



Mom let the kittens nurse for the first four months. But the last couple of weeks she’s put her paw down (so to speak). When they try to get at her, she snarls at them. They back away with a hurt look on their faces, like: “We had this beautiful thing going. And now you’re saying it’s all over??” But that’s it. No more titty for the kitty.

So this morning after eating a big breakfast the three kittens trot over to wear I’m laying and lie down on my chest in a clump, purring loudly. Later, when Mom gets up and leaves my campsite, the kittens don’t get up and follow after her, for the first time. They stay planted on my chest.

And its kind of a symbolic moment. Like they’re saying: “OK. You’re the new mom now.” Ha ha.



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