I hate you!



For some reason I was just thinking about this guy in Berkeley who was pissed off at me for many many years. I barely knew the guy. So it was weird. I couldn’t figure out why he was pissed at me. But I could tell he was because he was always making these putdown comments about me and expressing disapproval of me.

So one day I just asked him what his problem was. And he said it was because of this comic strip I had done 20 years ago which he felt was making fun of him.

The weird thing was, he had completely misinterpreted the point I had been trying to make with that comic strip. And when I explained to him what I really meant (it had nothing to do with him) he was no longer mad at me. And we became friends

But the weird thing was. He had been pissed off at me for 20 years for the wrong reason.

I don’t mind people being pissed off at me. But at least get it right

There was this other guy in Berkeley. Same basic story. I barely knew him, but I could tell he was always pissed at me for some reason.
Finally I asked a friend of his what his problem was. He said: “Ace. He’s jealous of you.”
I was COMPLETELY dumbfounded by that one. I said: “Holy shit. He should walk around in my shoes for a couple of hours. See what it’s like to be me. He wouldn’t be very jealous of me after THAT.”

One thought on “I hate you!

  1. Envy does explain a lot of resentment/anger towards others. It actually explains the whole Social Justice Warrior shit in a nutshell. All envy based. That hippy guy massaging that girl’s shoulders a couple posts back and you got angry cause you liked her- envy.

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