One of the problems with relating to ferat cats



The thing that pisses me off about having to deal with the kittens: In 2014 I actually had ALL the feral cats at my campsite fixed. So I figured I wouldn’t have to be dealing with that anymore.


Then one day these two completely feral cats — Owl and Feral Tammy — happened to be wandering through my campsite, noticed my cat food dish, and decided to stick around. Next thing I know, THEY popped out a litter of kittens and dumped them on my lap.

So here we go AGAIN!!

So then I managed to get ALL of those cats fixed. Except one, Scaredy Cat. But before I could get her fixed I was buffeted by a long series of other complications in my personal life that I had to deal with. And before I knew it I had even MORE litters of cats to deal with.

I swear, dealing with feral cats is like running on a treadmill. You have to keep running faster and faster just to keep from falling farther behind.


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