Art about art about art about art

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Today I was going through my storage stuff that i hadn’t looked at in 20 years. This weird artificially-preserved time-capsule of my past. So that threw me into these odd emotional spaces.

This big painting by Frederike Rheinheimer from 1986 was painted from a photo by Duncan, of Rick, me and Vince. Rick had just driven us in his truck to the printing press in Fremont to pick up the bundles of the latest (and last) issue of the TWISTED IMAGE tabloid (#10). Hot off the presses. Literally. Now we’re celebrating at a coffee shop.

Being a man, seeing one of my publications rolling off the presses is probably the closest I’ll ever come to that feeling a woman gets when she has a baby.

I’m also struck by how convoluted my art career got back then. This is a painting. Of a photo. Of a publication. And later a newspaper would turn the whole thing into a newspaper article. And now I’ve turned it into a blog.  It gets to be like playing 3-dimensional chess.


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