Mini Scaredy doing hard time in the slammer


I went down to the Berkeley Animal Shelter this afternoon to get Mini Scaredy and bring her back to the Berkeley hills after getting her fixed.

The worker at the Shelter led me upstairs to the kennel area where they kept the caged cats, this little room not much bigger than a closet. Mini Scaredy was in this small, dark cage, cowering in fear in the very back of the cage. Sad to see. She had been cooped up like that for the last 6 days, so she was pretty traumatized.

“Its OK, baby,” I said.

“She doesn’t hiss at you like she hisses at everybody else,” said the worker. “She trusts you.”

“Notice the name we gave her,” she said, pointing to the name-tag on the cage.

“Elohssa,” I said. “Nice.”

“Read it backwards,” she said.

“Asshole,” I said.

That’s what Scaredy gets for biting one of the workers. Ha ha.

“OK, I’m going to try and get the cat into the carrier,” she said. “Pray for me.” (anyone who thinks its easy to get a feral cat into a carrier, TRY it sometime)

“OK, you hold open the carrier and when I push the cat into the carrier, shut it as quick as you can,” said the worker. I hadn’t realized I would have to take part in the job, and after all of my previous failed attempts to do that, I was not filled with confidence at this point.



The worker made several attempts to grab the cat with her gloved hands. But Scaredy was hissing and growling and slashing and ready to fight to the death. You get a feral cat with their backs to the wall and they’re capable of doing ANYTHING.

Next the worker made several attempts to wrap Scaredy in a blanket. But Scaredy fought back like a Tasmanian Devil.

Finally, as a last resort, the worker took out this big fishing net on a pole. “OK, when I dump the cat out of the net, shut the carrier.”

Which is exactly what we did.

“YOU DID IT!!” shouted the worker.

We high-fived. We were both soaked in sweat by that point.


I took Mini Scaredy back to my campsite on the bus. Meowing all the way. And when I opened the carrier she took off like a rocket straight up the hill.

I left a big bowl of cat food for her as a Welcome Home party. Hopefully Mini Scaredy will forgive me and come back to my campsite.


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