You just never know what’ll come boomeranging back at you on the internet



One of the weird things about the internet. I’m always finding weird bits and pieces of my past boomeranging back at me on the internet. Case in point, this photo. Which I recently stumbled upon on the internet.

Back in 1983, me and my punk rock friend, Mary Mayhem, went down to the Berkeley marina to interview the band Black Flag, who were performing at an outdoor punk rock festival…

During the course of interviewing the lead singer Henry Rollins, I started making jokes about how Henry was gay. I was drunk and a bit of a wise-ass back then. And the whole point of Punk Rock was to get a little extreme and push the bounds of “good taste.” So shoot me.

And Henry was going along with the gay jokes. (At least at first, until suddenly he wasn’t going along with the jokes, and got in my face, literally, and threatened to beat my ass). And at one point, while Henry still seemed to be enjoying my sense of humor at his expense, he walked up to the front of the stage, wearing his cute little blue shorts, and he bent over, wiggled his ass, and said, in a come-hither tone: “Come and get it, boys!!”

But the weird thing to me was. 35 years later. Someone had actually captured that exact moment in time and space in a photograph. And posted it on the internet.




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