Maternal instinct




Its weird how Mini Scaredy has “adopted” the three feral kittens and dotes on them just like a mother figure.

I think it was because of the timing. Mini Scaredy got pregnant 2 months ago. But had a miscarriage. So, since she didn’t have any kittens of her own, she transferred her maternal instinct onto the feral kittens.

And since the feral kittens real mother had disappeared 2 months ago and abandoned them, they transferred their need for a mother figure onto Mini Scaredy.

Mini Scaredy — who was still lactating because of her aborted pregnancy — even lets the kittens nurse on her. Even though they’re not hers.

And she would sleep with the kittens every night, nestling in the center of them. And lovingly groom them with her tongue in the morning.

But the funniest thing is. When she gets up to leave my campsite in the morning, she’ll call out to the kittens with several loud “meows.” Which translates into English as “Time to go, kiddies.”

And the three kittens dutifully jump up and follow mama Mini Scaredy down the trail. Ha ha.



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