Mini Scaredy back in the land of the free and the feral



I wasn’t sure how Mini Scaredy would react to me kidnapping her and hauling her off to the vet. Would she feel betrayed? Would she no longer trust me?

Well, last night she was waiting for me at the foot of the trail to my campsite. And she slept on my blankets all night long. Just like she used to. (I suspect she’s forgotten about the kidnapping part and just remembers me heroically rescuing her from the dark dungeon she’d been trapped in.)

In the morning she spent a lot of time roaming around the woods at my campsite. With the 3 kittens dutifully following along behind her in a row. It was like she was trying to take it all in. Like she couldn’t quite believe it. That she had escaped that black box and was back in her big and beautiful world.

And the kittens were all thrilled to see her. Its weird how Mini Scaredy has adopted them and become a mother figure to them.

Mini Scaredy seemed pretty much the same. Aside from she didn’t purr as loudly as she used to when I petted her. And she was a little more jumping, jerking her head whenever she heard an unexpected noise.

I suspect in a couple of days the whole ordeal will be nothing but a barely-remembered bad dream in the back of her mind.




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