The media is the mess

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I’ll give you a simple example of how the media regularly distorts, exaggerates, misrepresents, and gives a false and misleading impression of what is actually happening. And often not on purpose. Its just inherent in how the media works.

Back around 1978 there were all these articles in the newspapers about this movie The Rocky Horror Picture Show. It was a sensation. There were all these midnight showings of the movie every weekend. And all the people that went to the movie would all dress up like the characters in the movie. And act along to the scenes as they’re watching the movie. And it was more like going to a wild, sexed-up party than going to a typical movie.

And in all the articles there would always be all these photos of all the movie-goers dressed up like the sexy Rocky Horror characters.

So when I finally got around to going to a midnight showing of The Rocky Horror Picture Show — all-around hip motherfucker that I am — and I’m waiting in line to buy my ticket with the other movie-goers. I was surprised when I realized: most of them were dressed just like me. In our normal, bland, every-day clothes.

Yes there WERE some people extravagantly dressed in their Rocky Horror costumes. But they were in the distinct minority.

And I had an epiphany at that moment about how the Media works.

“Of course the media only show the photos of the people dressed up in their sensational costumes. And excludes and edits out all the normal-looking people in the background. And that’s what gives a distorted misrepresentation to their coverage of these stories.”

Remember that. The next time you see some sensational photo in the media that supposedly “captures” the essence of what is actually happening.



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