Life’s little moments



I just went to the car wash to get my morning cup of coffee. And as I was headed towards the cash register, this woman walked in the front door, maybe slightly ahead of me (it was very close). But I used my long legs to stride ahead of her (you know how I HATE waiting in line).

But as I’m standing there waiting in line I started to feel like an ass. So I turned and gestured to the woman behind me that she could go ahead of me if she thought she was there first.

But what surprised me was her reaction. She shook her head no, it was OK. But she had this big, grateful smile on her face. It gave me the impression that she had had a lot of experience over the years with bigger, stronger, more aggressive men cutting in front of her in the lines of life. And that she appreciated this small gesture.

Or maybe she was just smiling because I looked goofy or something. You never really know in this life.



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