A critique of the Trump critics

TIME magazine, really letting Trump have it this time.


Some people misinterpreted my position when I made a couple of posts that were critical of the “Trump bashers.” Accused me of being a Trump supporter. Which I’m not. In fact I have serious reservations about Trump’s character and judgment.

And in fact my point was: If we want to get somebody better than Trump in 2020 — and I am definitely in that camp — then we need to up our games with our anti-Trump critiques.

My posts were mostly inspired by on op-ed piece in the New York Times that made a very obvious — and factual — point. After two years of an almost relentless barrage of anti-Trump salvos, not only have the Trump bashers failed to persuade ANYONE, Trump is probably MORE popular today than he was 2 years ago.

In my opinion this is why so much of the anti-Trump barrage has had such a flaccid affect.

1.) Quite frankly so much of it has been so juvenile. Like some dim-wit actor like Robert DeNiro getting up there in front of a large audience and shouting over and over “FUCK TRUMP!! FUCK TRUMP!!” and then acting as if he’s made some kind of bold and impressive political statement. Or an idiot comedian holding up a bloody, severed Trump head (deep!). Or another idiot comedian simulating urinating on Trump’s Hollywood sidewalk star (what brilliant satire!!). Or a big balloon of Trump in diapers. And its relentless, this barrage of banal stupidity. It goes on day after day. And I’m telling you, this persuades no one. You can keep calling Trump a “Nazi!!” until you’re blue in the face. But it has less and less impact every time you say it.

2.) The other big mistake the Trump-bashers make is all the endless screaming and screeching about Trump’s immigration positions. This issue has probably inspired more of the anti-Trump vitriol than any other issue. Now regardless of the merits of that issue (and I don’t want to get into the pros and cons of the immigration issue tonight) lets simply look at it from a purely practical, political point of view. Contrary what you seem to think, this is NOT a winning issue for the Democrats. In fact its probably the issue that got Trump elected in the first place. And its going to get him RE-elected if the Democrats continue to march down this path. Contrary to what the idiots in the mainstream media keep telling you: the MAJORITY of Americans (as well as a lot of Democrats, too) want to a.) reduce our level of legal immigration, and b.) stop illegal immigration. If you think this issue is a stick that you can use to bash Trump, you couldn’t be more wrong. Realize this now. Or realize this sadly when the votes are tallied in 2020.

End of sermon.

And now you may momentarily take a break from your Trump-bashing to procede with your Backwords-bashing.



2 thoughts on “A critique of the Trump critics

  1. My dead momma always told me that leftist were emotional children – which explains their behaviour. If you’ve got a problem with what my momma said you go tell her. I just want bread and circuses.

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