Backwords Fables: The Story of the Three Blind Men and the Elephant



I’m a big believer in “multiple realities.” We all experience reality from our own limited perspectives. And my reality isn’t any more valid than your reality.

That’s not to say all realities are created equal.  Some of our limited realities are closer to the actual Reality than others.  And if you can persuade people to agree with your particular reality, you could probably make a darn good living as a prosecuting attorney.

Which reminds me of a story.  Once upon a time there were these three blind men. And they were all groping at the body of an elephant and trying to figure out what it is from their limited perspectives.

One blind person fondling the trunk said, “It’s a long tube-like thing.”

The other blind person fondling the belly said, “It’s this big massive mass.”

And the other blind person fondling the asshole said, “It’s this stinking hole.”

But then, by putting all three of their limited perspectives together they realized, it was an elephant!!

And then the elephant got pissed at the blind guys for groping him. And the elephant stomped all the blind guys to death. And the moral is that life is suffering, and it mostly just sucks. The end.



One thought on “Backwords Fables: The Story of the Three Blind Men and the Elephant

  1. I get where you’re coming from. However, I don’t see reality as truth. And most realities are built on deception. The media, government, education system, Hollywood, the music industry it’s all theatre to make you want to be an actor in their plays. And the actors they hire are paid liars. So the reality most people lead is someone else’s script. Until the false reality inevitably starts to crack. (reference point – ROMANTIC LOVE) That is why people have midlife crises, divorces, nervous breakdowns, pill addictions or wonder “How the fuck did I end up here?”

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