Weird “coincidences”



These kind of “coincidences” always happen to me right after a person I know dies. These weird little omens. These weird little gifts and/or curses, depending on my relationship with the deceased.

Case in point. My Dad died this morning.  And I was just headed to my favorite evening hang-out spot to drink a 12-pack or two in honor of my dearly departed Dad. And right nearby I found these three plates of fresh to-go food from a nearby Italian restaurant. Pasta, ravioli, and a calzone.

I’d consider them “coincidences” except that things like that happen one after another during the first two weeks after the death. And then they start to taper off after that.

The Hindus maintain that after a person dies their spirit lingers very strongly around the earth for a couple of weeks. And the spirit has the power to bless it’s friends and curse it’s enemies to varying degrees. And then the spirit leaves this mortal coil and merges back with the Cosmos.

My father was Italian. And he loved Italian food. And one of my childhood nicknames was Peter Ravioli.


I’ll give you another example of a weird “coincidence.” Right after my friend Duncan died we planted his ashes in Peoples Park. And I posted the obituary from the Oakland Tribune on the Peoples Park bulletin board, with a big photo of Duncan’s face as part of the article.

Then it starts raining. Highly unusual in June in Berkeley. Even more unusual, after it stops raining a big rainbow appears across the Berkeley sky. And the rainbow is perfectly centered with the bulletin board right square in the middle of it. With Duncan’s face from the photo seemingly staring right up at the rainbow

It was a very weird moment.


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