THE JESUS CHRIST SHOW!! Starring Jesus Christ as Jesus Christ


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I’m working on the concept for what I think could be a VERY successful TV sit-com. “The Jesus Christ Show.” Starring Jesus Christ in the role he was born — and born again — to play!!

Jesus would be living in this nice little pad in Galilee. And he’s got the whacky neighbor Judas who’s always trying to betray him with a kiss. So we could get all sorts of plot complications out of that. And he’s got the grumpy-but-lovable Rabbi living next door who’s always trying to get Jesus busted by the Romans. I’m thinking somebody like Mr. Roper from “Three’s Company” in the role. And I picture a bumbling Colonel Klink-type, like in “Hogan’s Heroes,” as Pontious Pilate — imagine all the boffo gags!! And after many whacky hijinx, the Rabbi’s mad-cap schemes always backfire on him. Jesus gets the last laugh and the hilarity ensues.

Jesus Christ’s best pal is the simple-minded yet sincere Peter the Rockhead. So they could work in plenty of “dumb” gags. I’m imagining Wojo from the “Barney Miller Show” as Peter. Big and dumb but well-meaning — a lot of laugh potential there. We could play up the hunky fisherman angle.

“Thou shalt tune in on Thursday nights on ABC!!”


And Mary Magdeline could be the “love interest” forever pestering Jesus to give up on that Messiah stuff and settle down and get a nice career as a Jewish dentist or something like that. Maybe have a couple kids with Mary — Jesus Jr. and Irving Christ. We could spin that off to another series.

The possibilities are endless. Eternal even.

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