How I want to be remembered



In my heart of hearts I wanted everyone who knew me to think:

“Ace Backwords?? What a wonderful person!! What a wonderful human being. And such a great artist. Maybe the greatest of all time. So insightful. So perceptive with his insights. A borderline genius. And he didn’t smell very bad either. He was A Great Man. One of the greatest. A historical icon. They’ll still be selling the iconic artwork of Ace Backwords on eBay several years after he’s been dead. And what a great sense of humor!! Numerous people laughed and guffawed and chortled at his witty quips. And sexy?? Are you kidding. Several people almost masturbated to orgasm just looking at — and leering at — his body. And his baseball cap. Oily fuck that he was. I think he was half Italian. Ace Backwords. What a Great Man he was. And yet very humble too.”

That’s how I want to be remembered.



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