You asked for it you got it: Health tips from a degenerate alcoholic homeless guy

There are exceptions to this Do Nothing rule of course. When I got Shingles that fucking virus would have eaten the flesh right off of my face if I hadn’t got the proper medication, and as quickly as possible.


I’ve been feeling a little sick today. I got a bit of a fever, and I feel a little nauseous. I’ve been pushing myself a little too hard lately. And this is my body’s way of saying, “Knock it off, dude.”

You know what they say. “Every man is his own physician.” And of course I have my theories about sickness and health. When I get sick I generally do four things:

1.) I drink a lot of orange juice and water. (I’m a big believer in the healing powers of Vitaman C. And I like to drink a lot of liquids (and almost no food) to flush the bug — whatever it is — out of my system.)

2.) I spend as much time as possible lying in the sun. The sun is Life Itself. And I like to soak up as much of its energy as I can directly into my pores.)

3.) I sleep as much as possible (That way my body can employ most of its energy towards neutralizing the bug).

4.) I almost never go to a doctor or take medications. (I’m a big believer that the body has a built-in mechanism that constantly works towards returning itself to it’s state of equilibrium. For example, when the body is cold, it automatically shivers to generate warmth. And when the body is over-heated it automatically sweats to cool it down. And the problem with a lot of medications is they often attack the symptoms and not the under-lying causes. And the symptoms (like shivering and sweating) are often a way for the body to return to equilibrium).

So in short, the best thing to do is to nothing. Do as much nothing as possible. Most doctors know that. They mostly just give you a placebo or pain-killer and tell you to call back in two weeks after your body has done all the heavy lifting.

Basically I just trust my body’s instinct. My body is usually smarter than my mind. It’s like my body has a mind of its own.

Later in the afternoon I ate three Snickers with Almonds bars in quick succession. That’s another one of my theories. Chocolate is good for you. Take three Snickers bars and call me in the morning.



One thought on “You asked for it you got it: Health tips from a degenerate alcoholic homeless guy

  1. Good info. Do I dare risk dark chocolate. I have a really bad reaction to caffeine. So I’m thinking I’m allergic to something in all the “healthy food” I been eating. That’s why I’m looking into that lechtin shield, maybe it’s the lechtin’s, whatever that is, not processing it causes leaky gut. Seems there’s always something new for me or my body (my brain extension) to work on. Older age ain’t for sissies.

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