The great Brett Kavanaugh Confirmation Hearing

The only thing I couldn’t decide after watching the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings was who came across the worst, Kavanaugh or Ford.

When asked by Senator Feinstein to explain how she culled up the “recovered memories” from 35 years ago, Dr. Christine Ford responded with this mouth full:            “It’s just the level of norepinephrine and epinephrine in the brain that, sort of, as you know, encodes — that neurotransmitter encodes memories into the hippocampus.” Thanks for the lecture, Doc, and the very impressive-sounding litany of scientific jargon that explains how your memory works. Or explains how EVERYONE’S memories work for that matter.



Meanwhile, Brett Kavanaugh responded to the accusations of sexual assault with the comportment and the dignity that we’d expect from a Supreme Court Justice:          “WAHH!! BOO HOO!! UNFAIR!! ME WANNA BE SUPREME COURT JUSTICE!! SOB!! CHOKE!!”


One thought on “The great Brett Kavanaugh Confirmation Hearing

  1. Well said. I agree. They both rose to the level of their own insipidness. Nice juxtaposition of pics. I think it’s quite possible she was drunkenly groped by a 17 year old asshole 35 years ago but at the same time, c’mon lady, really w/the tears? You’re tellin’ me that’s the worse shit that’s happened to you in the last 35 years? Nice. Any teenage dude that does that is an asshole but man, has she been dwelling on something that almost kinda happened but didn’t really all the fuckin’ years of her life since she got away scot-free & skipped away into the rest of her, from what I can see, pretty cozy existence(I begrudge her nothing.)? He’s gonna be a great fuckin’ squish anyway, he’ll sign away on the progressive agenda from here on out, mark my words. Next time, Heir Drumpf, if they ain’t sportin’ a swastika on their biceps I don’t want them anywhere near the SCOTUS nomination process. He never listens to me, don’t worry, I tweet at him all the time.

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