Close encounters of the deer kind


When you camp in the woods you never really know what you might wake up to in the morning.  One morning I was laying there in my sleeping bag and these four deer were romping around in the woods nearby me, chasing each other up and down the hill. There were two with antlers and two without. So I figured it was a mating ritual thing.

So they’re running back and forth. When all of a sudden one of them stops, turns, and comes charging right at me. Full gallop.  I’m lying there in my sleeping bag and I’m terrified the deer is going to stomp right over me and trample me to death with those churning hooves. I mean that thing was almost as big as a horse. Anyways, that deer runs right by me, so close that I could feel the whoosh of it’s wind, and see it’s under-belly. And then the other deer (presumably the male) came chasing right after her.  And then they both ran up the hill and disappeared in the distance. To resume their tryst I suppose.

I can tell you one thing.  I didn’t need any coffee to wake up that morning.

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